2020 Marching Band - Return to Practice


Guilford County Schools will allow Band Programs to begin after school rehearsals (that will start following the conclusion of live remote sessions) during the week of October 12, 2020. Rehearsals at this time will operate under GCS guidelines for Band/Athletic activities under their Phase 1 Guidelines. Band Guidelines will be reevaluated at the end of October, and protocols may be adjusted in the following months

Please read all of the following information carefully before deciding if you are comfortable with a return to any after school band activity. All practices during periods of remote learning are strictly voluntary. No "attendance" will be taken, and students will in no way be held accountable for attending/not attending after school rehearsals. That being said, students are expected to RSVP regarding their plans to attend sessions. Please note - due to the various restrictions and the process for checking in and out, students will not be permitted to arrive late or leave early until further notice.  While I understand this seems demanding, theses sessions are very short and require a great deal of time to check-in and release students.  Thank you for understanding!

After reading the information below, if you plan to participate in after school rehearsals, make sure you fill out all documents required for participation (see below)

Health & Safety Protocols

All after school band activities beginning December 1 will operate under GCS Phase 2 Guidelines for Band. You can access the full document (published by GCS) by clicking herePlease note, the only updates at this time regard moving from groups of 10 to groups of 25 AND not allows for students to assist with moving of equipment,.  

Here is a brief overview of the safety protocols outlined by the GCS Phase 1 Document:

  1. No indoor rehearsals. All rehearsals will take place outside (near the band room) for improved ventilation

  2. All students will complete a symptom screening questionnaire prior to each rehearsal, and have their temperature checked in the parking lot prior to each rehearsal

  3. Each practice session is limited to 25 total student participants (our initial practices will use smaller groups than this)

  4. Each group of 25 must be further divided into subgroups of 10 or fewer who will actually practice together

  5. All students must wear masks/face coverings to rehearsal and while on campus. Percussionists/Rhythm section must wear them at all times. Wind players can remove them to play, but must put them back on during any pauses in rehearsal

  6. No shared equipment or communal water stations

  7. No students are allowed inside of the main school building, and the director/parent volunteers will handle all equipment cleaning/storage.

  8. Students will maintain social distancing of 6 feet at all times. Rehearsal spaces will be clearly marked at distances of at least 6 feet.

  9. All hard surfaces will be cleaned with disinfecting wipes following the end of practice by the director/parent volunteers


Forms Required for Participation

The following forms are required in order for students to participate in after schools rehearsals during 2020-21. No student will be allowed to exit their vehicle at screening if these are not either on file, or turned in at the time of screening. The forms are all posted below, or can be accessed by clicking on the title for each form

Initial Screening Questionnaire - Must be completed prior to the first practice

GCS COVID ReleaseMust be completed prior to the first practice

Daily Screening FormMust be completed prior to every practice (no more than 1 hour in advance)

Schedule (Phase 2)

We will begin Phase 2 in December with medium sized groups (25 or fewer) on December 7.   The only difference between our previous Phase 1 rehearsals and our upcoming Phase 2 rehearsals regard how many may participate in a group. All other safety protocols are still in place at this time, including social distancing, wearing of masks, staying outside, etc.  All schedule changes will be posted online and send by email/Remind text messages

No rehearsals the week of Nov 30

12/7 and 12/14 (Monday) - ALL PODS

12/10 and 12/17* (Thursday) - ALL PODS

12/17 is currently our planned recording day of the music we have been working on thus far in rehearsals. 

*screening begins @ 430 (DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY), rehearsal by 445.  Cleaning and packing will begin @ 535 and all persons must be off campus by 6pm


Use this link to RSVP if you will or will not be attending rehearsal.  This is to be completed by Dec 4 so that proper planning can occur.  

Phase 1 Pod assignments/Pod 2 Adjustments


Pod 1 - Flute/Clar

Pod 2 - Alto/Tenor

Pod 3 - Trumpet/Mello

Pod 4 - Bass Clar, Bari Sax/Baritone/Tuba

Pod 5 - Perc

Pod 6 - Guard

*please note, for Phase 2 - Pods 1, 2, 3, and 4 will all rehearse together on Mondays and Thursdays.  

Pods 5 and 6 will still rehearse independently of the wind pods, but will meet on Mondays and Thursdays.  


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